What are you thankful for today?
Take some time to think about what you can be grateful to God for and thank him!

Gratefulness is a way to worship God. Our way to speak or to act are influenced by the attitude of our heart. That’s why it’s important to learn how to develop a grateful heart.

Firstly, it is important to guard our hearts at all times, because out of it flows the well-spring of life.  Celebrating our Heavenly Father on a continuous basis and thanking Him for Who He is and what He has done for us.


It is Harvest Time in all areas of our live!  What we have sown will be harvested, good or bad!  Therefore, it is time to be transformed and become more like Christ.


In Christ!

Gabriele Gilpin

Today I am highlighting a book: “Golden Nuggets – Divine Revelations.”

You are invited on a journey of discovering profound GOLDEN NUGGETS of wisdom through Divine Revelations. Seemingly small pebbles of truth can turn into gold as we receive them and apply them to our everyday life. In my vision, I was shown pebbles in the shallow water running out of the River of Life and I was to pick up those pebbles. As I did, they actually turned into nuggets of gold! Those nuggets of gold turned out to be Words of Knowledge and Words of Wisdom. Throughout this book you will find yourself picking up pebbles that have turned into Golden Nuggets blessing you with divine insight for situations you might be encountering. The motivation and passion behind releasing Golden Nuggets is Gabriele’s heart desire to share whatever wisdom she can to others, so that they can learn and glean from her journey and accelerate their own growth by applying them. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK

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