I have been going through my cell phone and discovered some recordings in need to be posted.  You are invited to come along with me on this journey in North Africa…..

My times in Morocco has always been an adventure in the Lord and as you listen to the  5 min. recording on what happened there, you can also hear the vibrancy of life in the background.

I absolutely love and enjoy what the Lord has laid upon my heart.  Especially the nations and continents He has highlighted to me.  Thinking about those places, praying for those places and finally going with “boots on the ground” to those nations makes my heart sing and I always sense the increase of anointing and joy that flows and is evident.

I invite you to take part of a short taste of life in Morocco…

Richest blessings,

Gabriele Gilpin

~ a street in Morocco

Soaring Eagle Ministries

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