Matthew 11:25-30

What will it take for you to choose to be with Me? It’s actually really very simple.  All you are required to do is to join your life with mine. Numerous times, Jesus asks for others to “follow after me,” but in this passage (Matthew 11:28), He beckons everyone to come to Him.

Jesus made it very clear that His Father entrusted Him with all that He is and all that He has.  No one truly and deeply knows the Son as the Father does, and no one truly and fully knows the Father except the Son.  Therefore, only the Son is able to unveil and make known the Father to anyone he selects.

Mysteries of the Kingdom

Isn’t it amazing that the Father, the Supreme Ruler and the Great I AM, has hidden the mysteries of the Kingdom from those who are self-seeking, arrogant and wise in their own eyes?  Instead, the Father has revealed it to the “humble ones,”  to those who become like trusting children. To those You have given the kingdom revelations and You have chosen to extend and multiply your kingdom through such…

Since Jesus has been given everything from the Father, he is calling to everyone: “Come to Me!”

Are you carrying heavy burdens?  Come to Jesus
Are you weary, lethargic and tired? Come to Jesus
Are you in need of a re-focus, re-igniting of your passionate love?  Come to Jesus


As you begin to look at all of these issues swirling around you from a different angle, He will cause you to be reset and re-charged in the Holy Spirit.  You may need to consecrate yourself once again and have a do-over.  Jesus will give you eye-salve as you come to Him, so that you can see clearly and experience heaven on earth!

You will be able to see His kingdom, His plans for you and His hidden mysteries in plain sight and with eyes wide open.  Even your scales preventing you from seeing the truth are removed in order to further your capacity and increase your awareness of His authority already given to you.



Not until I tasted and experienced the desert first hand in Egypt and Morocco, did I realize what it can do to you…The desert has a tendency to bring you to your limits and bring you to your knees!

During my time in the desert, I found and experienced Jesus in a new way….  In the midst of sweltering heat, He is my Oasis!  He brings refreshing and causes rivers to spring forth in the desert. Jump into the River of God and be refreshed and filled up to overflowing.

Defining Oasis:
a small fertile or green area in a desert region, usually having spring or well and it is serving as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change from what is usual, annoying, difficult, etc.

Jesus is my oasis and He is refreshing and full of wisdom and insight.  That is why I never want to forget to come to Him continuously, actually remaining and lining myself up with Him?

Spread your Wings and Soar Journal – an excerpt of the book

Today, the God of the universe, whose name is Jesus Christ, desires to speak with you and He is after a “face to face” encounter.  He wants a revelation birthed in your heart about beholding Him face to face.  The word “face” is the same word as “presence” throughout the Old Testament. It also means, “A turning of the face towards.”  Therefore, when God’s manifest presence is in a place, it signifies that He has turned His face towards you.

It is really quiet simple.  The Father is beckoning: “Come up here” and He will show you the mysteries of heaven and His Kingdom (see Revelation 4:1). Therefore, allow yourself to be caught up in the unfolding mysteries of the Kingdom, open your heart to Him and soar with Him among the secrets and discover hidden treasures that have been prepared just for you.

In His Grace,

Gabriele Gilpin


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