• Recently I heard the words: “Echoing Heaven”.  I was startled at first, but realizing that Jesus was conveying some truth to me, I started to ask Him:
  • “Speak Lord, I am listen.”
  •  A matter of fact, I postured myself to listen what the Lord was saying to me. I believe it is vital to hear what the Spirit of God is saying and to follow through with the insight He gives me. It is a fact that earth collides with heaven, because we as the Father’s beloved are praying for His will to be done and for His kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. Hence heaven comes and we as heavenly and spiritual beings are releasing the sounds of heaven here on earth.
  • As I was listening, I suddenly saw myself during a time in my childhood in the mountains.  As a family we would regularly spent time in the Alps, in a high mountain sometimes in the region of South Germany and other times in Northern Italy.  There I heard a real echo for the very first time.
  • It was fun! But only until I heard a thunder storm in the middle of the night in the mountains.  It was like rapid fire, because the thunder would echo and the sound continued on and on. I was hiding under the covers.
  •  I realized that this rapid fire is much like our intercession to the enemy’s ears.  It is literally blasting his ear drums.  Let’s continue this kind of prayer to overcome and prevail.


  • We are His echo and may He trumpet His message through us. May it go from where we are to the nations. Tugged away inside the Father’s glory, we are surrounded by His Spirit and we become an echo of the heavenly glory realm reverberating and expanding on earth.
    Kingdom manifestations are released as miracles, signs and wonders. Our Father is the Creator and He created all things and desires to demonstrate His glory realm of heaven here on earth. We know and perceive that there are no limitations in His glory and everything is easy in His glory.
     Let your love echo through me, Jesus! Let Your kingdom come in its fullness, and let it expand and be seen all over the eartH. There is no shortage of His Glory in Heaven and there will be no shortage of it on the earth.
  • Most likely, you have been in a situation where conditions were just right for your voice to echo. An echo is the repetition of sound caused by a reflection of sound waves; when conditions are right, an echo will be the result
  • In Genesis God spoke: “LET THERE BE LIGHT.” He made a sound and the sound carries frequency, and out of this sound spoken forth, Light appeared flooding the earth.
  • Our Heavenly Creator has spoken everything into existence. There is a mighty power unleashed when The King of Kings, The Ancient of Days, Our Creator has spoken.


  • I sense that heaven has and continues to release an echoing sound through His righteous ones. Let me explain
  • Acts 2:2, a familiar scripture depicting the Day of Pentecost power being released on those waiting in the upper room, we find the word “sound” in the Greek, from which we extract the English word echo. Furthermore, in the Wuest translation of the Bible, we find the following wording in Acts 2:2.
  • “And suddenly there came an echoing sound out of heaven as of a wind borne along violently.”
  • This echoing sound from heaven was sent by the Father. It was the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, who was promised to those 120 waiting on the Day of Pentecost with anticipation and expectation with hearts wide open. They not only heard the sound from heaven, they also received the tongues of fire and their spirits echoed this sound from heavenly places into the nations. It was the beginning of the baptism of the Spirit and fire. The world was changed and has never been the same again.
  • You are seated in heavenly places right now and therefore you do not have to wait. God desires to echo the heavenly sound through you into this earth. Where you are, there is heaven.


  • God’s kingdom is advancing and we can be those ambassadors of Christ,
    who partake in this endeavor. Releasing His glory as glory carriers, arising
    and shining for His Light has come and His glory has risen upon us. There
    is much darkness all around, but we have the authority and anointing to
    echo heavens sound and glory light through the valleys and mountains.
    After all, the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon and in us! (see Isaiah 61 and Luke 4).
  • For His glory,
    Gabriele Gilpin