APRIL 2015


As most of you know, I visited Haiti in September 2013, which was my
first trip there. This second Haiti trip was very intense, but also
extremely fruitful in the Lord.   Most of the island is still steeped in
religion and tradition, which represents a fierce breeding ground for
witchcraft, idolatry, manipulation and control.  Therefore, the team
fasted and interceded together to seek the Lord for 'new dimensions'
to be ready for the breakthrough and change.

Our faithful Father is continuing to bring restoration and healing to
the broken lives of this country. We value all your intercession and
support during this ministry time in the beautiful nation of Haiti.

There are pockets of mighty outpourings of the Holy Spirit and God's
Fire with complete transformations, revelation and the establishing of
God's Kingdom!

We are seeing His will being done and His Kingdom coming to Haiti as
it is in heaven!

The team was extraordinary including the Haitian translators, who
worked very hard with endurance and excellence!

During this trip the team was blessed to witness Kingdom
manifestations and Kingdom expressions as a breakthrough into
freedom was demonstrated and the fire of God fell.  People were
healed, delivered, set free and shifted into their rightful God-given

For instance a lady living in a tent testified, that one night vicious
dogs came growling and trying to claw their way into her tent.  She
was fearful at first, but then remembered the power of God that fell
upon her when she was prayed for during one of the meetings and
what she learned during the messages.  She took authority of the
demonic forces in the name of Jesus Christ.  After that she suddenly
heard a noise which sounded like the dogs were hurting. Thereafter
complete silence prevailed and she fell asleep.  The next morning
she saw blood in front of her tent and I believe this is evidence that
angels came to her rescue and dealt severely with those dogs.  The
Lord brought deliverance and protection.  Hallelujah!

A Pastor testified of the saving grace of Jesus Christ bringing Him out
of darkness into His marvelous light and delivering him from a family
filled with witchcraft. He received a new mantle of authority to walk in
the apostolic call on His life.  

The Pastors and Leaders were given a certificates and Bibles after
completing the Leadership conference.  

The second trip to Haiti is building upon my first trip and I had some
prophetic words, visions and declarations, which are communicated
in the following page:  
Ministry Trip to Haiti

MAY 6-JUNE 1, 2015

Preaching in churches, outreaches, street ministry,
training/equipping the saints

JULY 6 - JULY 31, 2015

You may not be able to go...but we are.
Through your prayer and support we can unite
in Christ to fulfill our part of the Great Commission.

For His Glory,
Gabriele Gilpin
Revivalist/International Speaker

Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage,
and the ends of the earth your possession.
Psalm 2:8
Above:  preaching at Pastor's
& Leader's Conference
Above: Enjoying the presence of the
Lord at Pastor's & Leader's Conference
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