MARCH 30-APRIL 5, 2014

The dates are marked and preparations are under way to have Revival
meetings at night. Evangelistic outreaches, dance ministry and
impartations during the day from March 30-April 5, 2014.

Here some bullet points for this week-long ministry trip to Haiti,
which was done from Sept. 7 – 14, 2013.
This trip was such a blessing and much happened for the glory of God.  
The schedule was packed as three areas were ministered to.
Firstly, at the El Shaddai church and orphanage outside of Port-au-Prince.  
A couple of days before we arrived, six armed robbers broke into the
compound.  The 27 children, from age 2-21, started to pray immediately.  
They have been trained up in the Lord and no one had to tell them to pray,
they just started to do it as prompted by the Holy Spirit.  Some of the
young men tried to fend off the intruders, and one of them was hit in the
eye with the back of the gun.  He had to go to the hospital to receive
stitches.  But thank the Lord, no one else was hurt.  Four of the six
robbers have already been caught.  Numerous Christian man in the
surrounding area rose up and came to the rescue by staying all night at
the orphanage to console and protect the frightened children.  

All of their money, computer, and some other valuables were taken.  But
the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever.  
Some precious people in the US have already been giving to replenish
what was taken.  Thank you!!!

The services at this church were precious and a foot washing was done,
which seemed to wash away the "debris" of the enemy and released
God's love and healing in the midst of this situation.

The next stop was at Damien where we had Revival meetings at night and
a Youth Event during the day.  One afternoon appr. 250 children were fed
a hot meal.  Numerous Bibles were distributed.  
There was a sense of freedom coming upon the youth and adults.  
Salvations, breakthroughs and deliverance were taken place.

After that we traveled to the mountains to Mirabalais.  There we had a
women's conference, youth event and a children's outreach.
Again all of them were fed a hot meal, given Bibles and toys for the
children.  The women were able to take home a bag of food filled with
rice, noodles, beans and oil.  The women were overjoyed to be able to
bring home food for their family and cook it for them.

One older man came and wanted a Bible, as he was given one, he held it
to his chest and started to cry.  He was extremely thankful and said when
he dies this Bible will be placed on his stomach and buried with him.  I
thought about Jesus placing His word in this man's stomach as he will be
eating God's word and he will be filled with His Spirit and power.  
This man surrendered all to Jesus and is living for Him only!

There were salvations, breakthrough, healing; physical and emotional and
the release of God's freedom.  

Before I flew to Haiti, I received a prophetic word to redeem the land.  
While some of us in the team entered into deep intercession, I started to
see Jesus going underneath the earth and shifting things into divine
alignment and locking it into place for Haiti. Now remember this is in the
time during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, which is a time where things
are being locked in and sealed for the next year.
The gospel of the kingdom of God is to be preached in Haiti and will
expand it's borders.
As I continued to intercede I saw the fire of God falling upon the Vodoo
priests beating the drums, as the fire fell they could not curse Haiti
anymore, but instead, like Balaam, they will bless Haiti!
Additionally, the enemy will not be able to hiss over this nation anymore!  
But God's kingdom will be enlarging it's borders in this land.

Acts 7:57-58 Yelling and hissing, the mob drowned him out. Now in full
stampede, they dragged him out of town and pelted him with rocks. The
ringleaders took off their coats and asked a young man named Saul to watch
The enemy was hissing against Stephen when he was martyred. But it will
not be so for the Christians in Haiti anymore.  It is time to Arise and Shine
for your Light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you!!

Furthermore, I saw the healing oil released over Haiti.   The wounds,
devastation, trauma, grief, sorrow and pain to be healed and released in
the people of Haiti. They will run to the Lover of their soul, Jesus. The
body of Christ in Haiti is mounting up and will soar as eagles.

Thank you for interceding and giving!  

We value your intercession and support as we will be ministering in the
beautiful nation of Haiti.  God is continuing to bring restoration and
healing to the broken lives of this country.  You can share in this by

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Haiti April 2015  

For His Glory,
Gabriele Gilpin
Revivalist/International Speaker
P.O.Box 350352
Jacksonville, FL 32235
Altar Call at the Women's Conference in Mirabalais.