Ministry Trip to Europe Spring 2012

This is part two and I like to add the testimony about a young, Moslem lady in the
streets of Paris, who was begging, while sitting on the street in the rain.   My
heart was drawn to her and I already asked the Lord to give me someone to
minister to, while waiting on my ride to a meeting.

Here she was…waiting on whom?  Waiting for a touch ….
One touch of the Lord changes

I walked up to her, gave her some money, and started to talk to her as I put my
hand on her shoulder.  Since my French and Arabic are limited, I spoke the name
of Jesus in Arabic.  The presence of the Lord was very strong upon her and she
started to weep.  You see, we do not come with eloquence of speech, but with
the demonstration of the power of God.  The presence of God comes and
changes everything.  People are touched in His presence and when His love falls
upon them, they encounter Him.
Only Jesus can touch this young woman deeply, unearthing treasures hidden
within her.  No words are necessary at times like this.  
Pure, holy, unadulterated love mixed with emotions of heaven.
God is love, love is an emotion, but also an action.
There is supernatural activation in His love.  When His love is present, nothing
remains the same…we are forever changed and transformed…He desires to
touch the people in every nation, every city, every neighborhood, every family…..

Go and release His atmosphere, release His love, release His power…

Now I like to share about what happened in  Germany.  I already mentioned the
conference held in a church near Frankfurt.  Preparations were made and the
word was spread.  The leadership told me, that many have come and they did
not know, how some of them found out about the conference.

As a speaker, I realized it has to be God’s power and love in action.  The Lord
released His fire on the hungry people and many were touched.  One young
man, who is a Lutheran attending the State church, was skeptical at first and
wondered if this was truly from the Holy Spirit.  I encouraged Him to continue
coming and soon he was touched by Holy Laughter and the love of God.  He was
excited about what happened and shared that now he is certain, that this is from
the Lord.  

Others had supernatural encounters and Jesus manifested Himself to them.  
Flowing in His presence is what changes the atmosphere and sets people apart.  
Many were deeply impacted and ignited by the fiery presence of the Lord.  One
man had an intense encounter with Jesus and went to heaven.  
All in all new relationships were formed and I was able to have meetings in my
parent’s home.  My home town Ingelheim has had a rich history all the way back
to Charlemagne, the Emperor (7th century).  For decades, I have been praying
and believing for a breakthrough in this city.  Along the way, two congregations
formed and I know there will be a Worship/Training Center in this place.  
Intercession, worship and equipping and training for the saints will happen in this
city.  Missionaries will be send out to the nations.  Presently, I am contending for
the establishment of such a house in Ingelheim.  As mentioned, I linked with more
leaders in the area and I can see the hearts of others, who have the same
The trip to the Prayer Mountain for all Nations in Luedenscheid, Germany was
absolutely heavenly.  The entire atmosphere is charged with the presence of the
Holy Spirit and angels are all around.  Younger and older people are at the place
and even so there is not any schedule for 24/7 worship, the Holy Spirit prompts
the students or others to come in intervals to intercede and worship.  There is a
room set apart as a “Secret Place” and there, the love of God is thick.  There is a
red arm chair and as soon as I sat in it, I felt like I was melting into Jesus, yet at
the same time, being lifted up into heavenly places.  As I worshipped I engaged
with the heavenlies and out of my inner most being angelic worship was
released.  What came out of me was supernaturally charged and I knew I tapped
into something very holy and special.

Plans are being made to  travel  to Europe in September 2012.  It will take me
back to Paris, where there will be equipping and training and a preparation for a
conference next year.  Also, back to Germany for more meetings.

Please, keep this in your prayers and as always, ask the Lord if you can help

Stay in the River,
Rev. Gabriele Gilpin


FL 32235


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