Since the first time I preached in Paris in 2009, much ground has been taking spiritually in this
famous city.  Many ministries, well known and others, are coming to Paris now.  I like to point
out, that many "Special Forces" have been sent beforehand to break up the fallow ground in
this region.  Let me explain by referencing the Armed Forces.  I was part of the U.S. Armed
Forces as a dependent of a soldier for 20 years and learned much about spiritual warfare and
strategies.  It is evident, that every time the Armed Forces sent troops to a troubled region, it
would be the "Special Forces", like the Stealth fighters, the Marines, etc.  After these cleared the
field, the Infantry and Artillery with their equipment, the foot soldiers, and others would follow.  
Those attracted much more attention, but hey could not do their part without the others, who
went first, to pioneer and to fore-run.   

It is imperative to understand that we are a "Team" in the Kingdom of God.  Being a team player
in the Body of Christ is extremely important and will bear everlasting fruit for the glory of God.  

I realized decades ago to honor those who went before us.  For example, the French
Huguenots are part of my ancestors and many have been martyred for their faith in God.  
Thousands were martyred in Paris alone, which spells "souls", realizing that the blood of the
Martyrs has become fertile ground for the harvest!

The Pastors and leaders I have had the privilege to meet and to fellowship with, are hungry for
the move of God, pertaining to the fertile ground of Paris and beyond.  

The first night, after my arrival in Paris, the meeting was electrifying and extremely fiery.  
Watching the worship team was a delight, since they obviously worshipped in spirit and truth.  I
sensed to call them out for an impartation.  One young man received the fire of God and
"vibrated" on the floor for the longest time.  Even during the preaching, the fire fell and the thick
Presence, the Glory of God, became even more weightier.  That night many received a fresh
touch and the baptism of fire.  Prophecy flowed freely.

The next evening, a breaker anointing was present to set people free, some from religion and
others from being lukewarm.  

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be
burdened again by a yoke of slavery."  Galatians 5:1 NIV
This was a huge theme wherever I went, as we are set free and remain free in Christ, we
are able to release this freedom in Christ to others.  After all, where the Spirit of the Lord is
there is freedom and emancipation of all bondage!

Friday night several congregations gathered for an all night prayer.  It was kicked off by worship
and preaching.  Again the fire of God fell, and a tangible healing anointing manifested.  A word
of knowledge about a back injury with pain, brought utter relief.  Others came forth with
testimonies of healing, some of them are:  shortness of breath and asthma attack gone,
stomach pain and nausea gone, some received the baptism of fire and were at the brink of
giving up on God, but received strength and encouragement to continue, as well as emotional

The youth meeting on Saturday turned out to be a time of activation in the prophetic.  Even
those present, who recently became born again, started to move in the prophetic.  By praying
and prophesying over one another, some received emotional healing and restoration.
Only the Lord knows the depth of what He did in the hearts of the young people.

I was especially touched, because of the testimony of a woman from Algeria, North Africa, who
converted from Islam.  Jesus came  to her in a dream and told her to read the Bible, and to find
out about the "Good News".  The next day, she asked her cousin if she knew where to get a
Bible and if she ever heard about the "Good News"?  The cousin was excited, because she
had questions and wanted to know more.   
 The Father sent someone to share the "Good
News" with her and she became a born again believer with her own Bible.  All this  took place
in Algeria, then she came to Paris.  But endured much persecution by her family and eventually
her husband threw her out of the house.  

She came to the meeting Sunday morning, which was her first time at this congregation.  She
was gloriously delivered of some "passengers" (demonic influence), and her heart and
emotions were healed.  She was delivered of the trauma and torture she endured.
She looked like a brand new woman and was given a place to stay and a loving fellowship.  
The Lord has truly prepared a place for her.  

I will be sharing more soon, but like to take the opportunity to thank those who have been
faithful in giving and praying/interceding for this trip.  It has been a marvelous adventure
with the Lord and tremendous fruit has been borne...

By  Gabriele Gilpin

FL 32235