"And it shall be in that day, that the Lord is calling His servants and clothe them
with robes of righteousness, and commit the responsibility of others into their
There will be fathers and mothers in the faith with the heart of the Father in the
kingdom of God.  
The key of David, represents the very authority to be able to open, and no one shall
shut, and to shut and no one will open. (see Isaiah 22:20-23 paraphrased)

The governmental authority will be upon those fathers and mothers in order to bring
godly oversight.   
Apostle Paul spoke about the fact, that there are many teachers, but not many
fathers and mothers.  As I look around there are indeed many leaders in the Body
of Christ,  who have their  own vision and agenda, which is not necessarily wrong.  
But what grieves the Holy Spirit is that many misuse the God-given position to rule
and lord over others, instead of building one another up in the faith in love.  Many
have their own interest at heart instead of focusing on the model displayed in
Ephesians 4.  As five fold leaders, we are asked to equip, train and release the saints
to do the work of the ministry.  This is contrary to the model, which has been upheld
in many churches throughout the ages.  
Many leaders have been taught this kind of hierarchal church government and  have
been walking in what has been handed down to them. Indeed the Lord is shaking
everything which can be shaken, so that the unshakable, which is of Jesus Christ
will remain.  
In order for God's people to be fitly joined and supplying  to each other what is
needed, the man made hierarchy has to be removed, in order to make room for
God's ways in His kingdom.  
Those with a kingdom mentality and those who desire to do the will of the Father,
shall be empowered and placed strategically by the Holy Spirit in this hour.
We are taught, that selfish ambitions are to be avoided.  Each person, though, has
been given a desire to succeed and it is necessary to have ambitions to fulfill each
individual's part in the kingdom of God.  Therefore, one needs to harness this
ambition and zeal for God's glory and to build His kingdom on earth as it is in
We are at the brink of the most glorious time in the kingdom of God and truly the
glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former.  
We have so much to look forward to, as the harvest is ripe and many will come into
God's kingdom now.  

The fathers and mothers will have God's heart and love for the people, as well as the
desire to see the "children" go further than they have ever gone.  Apostle Paul was
looking for sons and daughters in the faith to groom them and to see them soar.

The "ceiling" of this generation should be the foundation for the next generation to
reach higher heights.  

From the desk of:
Gabriele Gilpin
P.O. Box 350252,
Jacksonville, FL